About us

In 1947 the first Saab car, known as the “Ursaab” rolled out of the factories in Linköping, Sweden. Ever since then, Orio, formerly known as Saab Automobile Parts, has equipped Saab cars with original parts that have extended the life cycles of vehicles all over the world.

When Saab Automobile Parts was renamed Orio in November 2013, the decision was made to develop 70 years of experience and expertise and expand to cover spare parts of the very best quality, not only for Saab vehicles, but also for most other most popular car models on the market.

These days Orio is still an exclusive supplier of Saab Original Parts, and can also offer service, repair and maintenance parts and complete service kits from the industry’s best manufacturers to workshops that service almost all car models.

Orio has a presence in ten markets around the world: Sweden, USA, UK, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Italy. Our head office is located in Nyköping, Sweden, under the name Orio AB. In other markets Orio is represented by subsidiaries.

Orio has 40 importers serving the rest of the world. This means a total workforce of about 300 people who work together with 1,300 workshops all over the world.

Orio believes in being close to customers, and in being accessible enough that we can always offer our products, expertise, experience and support when and where it is most needed. Above all, we believe that all our work should revolve around the customer – so that our customer’s customer has the best possible experience. Perhaps the best summary of our approach is this:

“What’s important to you is the most important thing to us.”