Orio’s values

Our values underpin everything we do, and can be regarded as the real core of what Orio represents. They stand for what customers can always expect in their contact with us.

Our values are Curiosity, Reliability and Engagement.


With one foot in our heritage and history and the other in the future, we look for the best and the smartest solutions in every situation. Our experience enables us to challenge both our customers and internal assumptions, structures and processes in order to develop.

We are driven by genuine curiosity and a strong focus on our customers’ business and day-to-day needs. We listen to our customers and constantly research new ways to give them solutions that not only offer maximum benefit but also exceed their expectations. What’s important to our customers is the most important thing to us.


Orio always keeps its promises, and is always clear in its pronouncements. We make sure we use our experience and expertise to maintain constantly high standards in terms of our priorities, delivery deadlines and quality. A service-minded attitude is built into our history. Our care and accuracy in every tiny detail means our customers always view us as a safe, reliable partner.


Those of us who work at Orio are always willing to take responsibility for customers’ business, for service standards – and for sustainability, use of resources and quality. Our experience and expertise enable us to take the initiative and be proactive and involved in the little details as well as the bigger, wider-reaching situations. It’s about having a desire to deliver and give that little extra to ensure security and satisfied customers.