Orio has been wholly owned by the Swedish state since 2012. The head office is located in Nyköping together with a logistics and distribution center. The company also has offices in Trollhättan and operations with its own sales offices via wholly owned subsidiaries in North America, UK, Germany and Switzerland.

The fundamental structure of the company is based on the Swedish Companies Act which stipulates that the company shall have three decision-making bodies: the annual general meeting (AGM), the Board of Directors, and the Managing Director (CEO).

The Annual General Meeting also appoints auditors to audit the financial and administrative governance of the company. Further internal governance mechanisms for the corporate governance include the articles of association of the company, and the economic and strategic objectives of the business.

Orios corporate governance aims to create a sound corporate culture which contributes effectively in a controlled manner to the development of the business in order to achieve the company’s commercial objectives with a gradually increasing level of ambition. Good corporate governance is an essential tool in creating and maintaining high confidence amongst the company owner, customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders.