CEO & Management

The CEO shall keep the Board informed of the business development of the company and the Group, the financial situation within the company and Group, as well as other matters and issues which the CEO believes the Board should be aware of.

Further, the CEO shall provide the Board with information on the development of the company and Group between the Board meetings. The information shall include the results of the previous period and the expected development, and information on planned key activities during the forthcoming period. Furthermore, agreements which the CEO deems to be of strategic or financial importance for the company or Group shall be reported by the CEO to the Board.

To support his work, the CEO has an Executive Leadership Team (ELT) consisting of executives who report directly to the CEO. The members of the ELT are appointed by the CEO and their task is to pursue the company’s activities in accordance with the directives resolved by the Board, to steer the company towards the goals and objectives set in order to achieve the business key performance indicators.

The ELT meets every week under the leadership of the CEO to discuss and decide on important organisational, economic and operational matters.