On your terms

Orio’s customers are our most important asset. Everything we do, sell and produce is always intended to make our customers’ day-to-day and working life as good, simple and successful as possible.

We express this through our trademark promise: On your terms. With this promise, we want to emphasize that the customer’s needs come first, and that we will always do our utmost to ensure that their experience is exactly that – on their terms.

On your terms may sound obvious, but in fact, it’s something that requires consideration and engagement on the part of every Orio employee. By being more reliable, engaged and flexible in every encounter and every transaction, we demonstrate to our customers our concern for their own business. On your terms also stands for the freedom we offer. We will never demand that our customers lock themselves into long contracts or purchase quotas, and they will never have to commit to complicated franchise agreements. As an Orio customer you get to be yourself, on your own terms.

Our customers can also choose between several ways of working with us, depending on their specific business. If they only deal with Saab cars, we have a customized solution for this. If they mainly deal with other models, we also have a solution for that. But the end result is the same: We use our seventy years of industry experience, our trustworthiness, our engagement, our contacts, and our expertise to ensure that everything benefits the customer and resolves the customers problems.

Our ambition is to be much more than one spare parts supplier among many. We want to be closer to customers than that implies. We always want to know how each workshop operates and how we can help to make a difference and move the business forward. We always want to make it easy for customers to work with us. This is an attitude, an approach and a guiding light. And we call it On your terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does “On your terms” mean I can dictate my own terms of purchase?

Yes and no. As an Orio customer, you have the freedom not to lock yourself into a franchise agreement or complicated purchase quotas. But obviously, we still have standard terms and conditions in regard to deadlines and payments.

Does “On your terms” mean Orio will do exactly as I say?

No. But it means we always adapt as much as possible so as to accommodate your needs, sudden changes and so on. We are flexible, always willing to look at our customer’s business, and always trying to expect the unexpected and unplanned.

Does “On your terms” mean I get special discounts or benefits?

No. But it means you will always be guided in the right direction and offered the solutions that are best for you. Instead of standard solutions and packages, we will do our utmost to put together an offer that suits you.

Does “On your terms” have anything to do with sustainability?

Absolutely. We know that the sustainability aspect is increasingly important and is highly valued by our customers. So it comes naturally to us to work extensively on environmental certification, transport options, and environmental policies, and to communicate this to our customers.

We are proud to think about the world around us and our shared environment. This is the ultimate way to be alongside our customers and do business on their terms.