Gain your customers’ trust by getting to know them and remembering them

Make sure that you obtain contact details from your existing and potential customers. If you use this information with care and good judgement, you will be able to enter into a dialogue with your customers and establish a rewarding relationship.

Always, and in all situations, ask your existing and prospective customers for their name, address, e-mail and phone number. Do this right from your very first contact, whether it’s via your website, on the phone or in your workshop.

Make it possible for your customers to book an appointment, request a quote or contact you online. Create a form where customers enter their contact details and information about the car. Then use this information to make direct contact via e-mail.

You can also collaborate with suppliers. Ask them for information about the cars you service and the cars’ owners. In all likelihood, they can help you with marketing material and advice about recruiting new customers in your vicinity.

The more you know about your existing and prospective customers, the better equipped you are to make an offer that meets their needs.

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